We are
The Sunset People.

What’s in a sunset? It’s one of nature’s oldest tricks for making people feel inspired and alive.

But what’s in it? Well… The Sunset People will probably never be able to answer that—but we plan to die trying. In using the ever-faithful, never-redundant sunset as master class, linchpin, screen icon, big pharmacy, we are going to make sure that the joy, the radiance, the simple and complex beauty, even the sometimes bittersweet mood, of a sunset’s light keeps watch on whatever we do. Sunsets are good humorists too, so don’t think we’re not trying to be funny.

Now, let us tell you what we do.

The Sunset People work directly with artists, agencies and brands to define, curate, and produce unique commissions and events.

As lovers and makers of art, Bevin McNamara and Jesse Willenbring have over 15 years of experience in the art world, the film industry and production. We take pride in our diverse skill set and we adore the variety of collaborators we work with.

and this is our space

TSPHQ is a 4000 sq ft raw loft in the heart of downtown Los Angeles’ fashion district.

It is our office, editing suite and painting studio but it is also a base camp for any production needs. Whether it needs to be a photo studio, pop-up retail shop, conference/meeting center, or wood shop, we welcome it into our space. Our space is here to be accessed and to encourage collaborative enterprise.